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What is sauna

What is sauna?

There are basically 4 ways to make a sauna.

  1. Wood-fired sauna. Requires dry slow burning wood. Cozy alternative.
  2. Electric sauna. Warms up faster. Combined with sauna stones at the top is preferred.
  3. Steam sauna. Makes the air highly saturated with steam.
  4. An infrared sauna warms people but not the inside of the sauna. Not the same, in my opinion.

Types of sauna?

If you have a wood-fired or electric sauna (with sauna stones), you can throw water at the stove and get a steam sauna effect. The effect does last not too long and can not be done again until the stove regains its heat.

A sauna can be built inside the house. A more common placement would be outside. Preferably close to the swimming pool if there are any. If not it is a good idea to install a round wooden bathtub close by. Heat it up to around 40 degrees Celsius. Cool down in the pool or the bathtub.

outdoor sauna
inside sauna

Material to build a sauna?

The preferred material to build a sauna is wood. Cedarwood or similar quality will last a very long time and looks nice.

The walls can be built with Thermo blocks, plastered, and painted. Inner wall with wood and insulation in between or use of wood both in and outside. The entrance door can be either wood or glass.

Connect with the electric cable (min 32 Amp) for the electric stove and exit pipes for the wood-burning stove.

There really is no limit to how big the sauna can become. Electric heaters come with different capacities. A wood-burning stove is quite limited in capacity.

If built inside the house, there probably are 2-4 walls already. Only need to add insulation, a door, and wood walls inside.

Material inside

The interior benches really must be made of wood. Other materials might melt or become very hot.

The design is very flexible, make it up to your needs and liking.

inside sauna

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Lets get started

If you are interested, please contact us and we will visit your home (Pattaya area) to evaluate what it will cost. Then we will send you a quotation. All for free. All work will be done by Renovate Pattaya